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One piece garage doors: Not In Florida

Swing Up Door

Older Garage doors were made of one piece of wood, metal, or fiberglass. These one piece doors swing open and closed. When you pull them open they swing out and up toward you and therefore have been called shin busters or chin busters.

There are many still in use today and they have served their owners well over time. But one piece doors have a couple of inherent problems that make them undesirable.

One piece doors cannot be made to with stand hurricane force winds because they have just a single point of attachment to your building structure on each side of the garage door. For this reason it is not legal to install new one piece doors in coastal hurricane exposed areas, including the entire state of Florida.

Another nasty habit of one piece doors is that they use what we call extension springs. When extension springs break, (All springs break) the broken spring often becomes a dangerous projectile that launches through car windows, interior walls, and through roofs.

A modern sectional door appears to be one piece when it is closed, but separates into long horizontal sections when raised. The sectional door has many points of attachment to the building structure, providing excellent hurricane resistant strength. The sectional door ordinarily, but not always, uses torsion springs that wind in place with a shaft holding them securely in the event that the spring breaks.