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Robert West

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I picked Precision for my need because we needed a new garage door back when we first moved in here two years ago. I read reviews and they were good especially when it came to warranty work. My garage door kept acting up and wouldn’t open or close. Robert West and his partner came and tried multiple things until they finally realized the motor just was not having it. They decided to just change my opener all together. What got me was that they took the time to advise me on how to keep the longevity of my opener. This was big to me due to when I got the garage door installed I was deployed over seas, so they probably kept that in mind and took the opportunity to educate me. I would recommend not only precision, but also Robert and his partner to family and friends.
Josue Gernier
Service Provided:
Garage Door Opener Repair

I first bought a new garage door opener from Precision. There were a couple of hick ups in getting it to close properly. Your company was fast on making sure we were satisfied, and the door worked as it was intended. A year or 2 later we needed to replace the door and all the hardware. So naturally we called Precision. Turned out that was a bad decision. Here is what happened. Your door tech told us he could not assist in opening the door to free our car, unless he replaced all the door parts. We told him we would purchase a new door right on the spot. Offered my credit card. Tech response was he still could not assist me. I would have to wait until the following week for the new door to be installed to free our car. My initial thought was this is not the same company that installed my garage door opener. I sent the tech packing without regret. Thought what a sham or racket this company had become. Called one of your competitors and they had no issue freeing our car. Also said they could install the door on Saturday if we agreed on the price. We thought great free the car and no need to use Precision ever again. We try to be fare and spend our hard earned dollars in our community. What happened next you just cannot make up. I received a call from Danielle who works for Precision, by this time we could have cared less about Precision the company. Danielle listened to me basically tell her to pound sand and she will be reading about this on the internet how her competitor took care of us because Precision refused. Without begging Danielle told me this is not how they operate and they provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction. I laughed and stated she may believe this, however the actions I witnessed did not add up to her statement. When I told her I offered to buy the door on the spot and the tech still refused to jailbreak our car. There was a pause then a sigh, I thought this might be the first time she heard this type of story. A customer willing to buy and the sales rep that could not find a way to assist. When I think of it today I still find it amazing. Danielle asked if she could at least have an opportunity to correct this and provide 100% satisfaction. Remember what I stated about spending our dollars. Hard earned dollars. Danielle was now trying to earn her pay. Normally I would have said no on this day I said to myself lets see what Precision is made of. Danielle then went into action, phone calls were made, expedited assistance to open the door, expedited installation of the new door. All your Techs except one have been Professional, courteous, and on time. The install team was great. The QC guy great, The second QC guy great and the last guy who install roller sleeves who was also the installer of the door was once again great. Knowing nothing is perfect, after the install I contacted Danielle 3-times. 1-motherboard failed. 2-key fobs failed. 3-noisy door opening and closing. Most folks would throw your company to the wolves for not being perfect. My wife and I, we will recommend Precision every time we can. Based on this alone 100% satisfaction guaranteed!! May all your staff have great holidays. Dino Martinez PS thank you Danielle:)
Dino Martinez
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Install Garage Doors
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